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This is a fully functional version, less the interface to the simulator. It will fly a right circuit about CYUL 06L as shown in the sample display.

Note: WinZip or compatible is required to unpack the demo.

To use the demo, perform the following steps:
1) Download the demo software into your computer noting its location
2) Open the file named "" using Windows Explorer
3) Now double click the Setup file and install the software
4) A new icon on your desktop will be created (Demo Flight Tracker V2.02D)
5) Now double click on the newly created icon and start evaluating

System requirements:
1) Pentium computer or better running any version of Windows (95,98,NT,2000,XP)
2) 1024 x 768 SVGA videoadapter
3) Standard Parallel port
4) Mouse

This software comes with different graphic drivers to support different graphic adapter. It will sequentially try the most common drivers first. If you get a message stating that the driver is incompatible, run the program again and it will automatically try the next driver.

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