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Virtual Flight Training Products for both Commercial Flight Schools & Personal Use

Own your own Flight Training Device (FTD) now! Great for new and existing pilots. Train, practice, or simply have fun anytime! Units can be either certified or non-certified. Can be used for both VFR and IFR, single and multi-engine aircraft.

MAP-810F Piper Navajo / Twin-Engine IFR-VFRTrainer


LOW COST Twin-Engine & GPS Trainer for Garmin
GNS 530/430 & Handheld GPS 196/296/396/496

Realistic scenes give you all the sensation and excitement of the real thing without the cost of the actual airplane. Choose from a number of locations around the world, and from a virtually unlimited number of aircraft.

JS-1: Actual Aircraft Fuselage emulating 152
with Dual Yokes & REAL Guages !!

PS1-Pro: Single Engine VFR-IFR Trainer with REAL Guages

Simply contact us for more information on how to get started.

MAP-FC-2: Professional Dual Flight Controls for FTD's

This is an incredible design which makes any cockpit feel like it's for real! More amazingly, it works with any joystick-compatible software (Windows or MAC)! That means -> No Drivers!! It comes complete with an electric trim and digital control unit. Click the image above for more details.

CB-101-11: Circuit Breaker Panel for FTD's

This product has been designed by Montreal AeroPlus' own engineers to add an extra level of realism. All circuit breakers can be "popped" individually from remote or by the FS software.

Use this Generic Aircraft Panel to combine with your existing CH Products Yoke. It has very precise cut-outs for all necessary instruments and simulates a full VFR Single Engine aircraft. It's made from 10mm MDF and has recessed areas to mount the gauges effectively in the panel from the back side. It can be painted in any color. The panel comes with 2 stands, to be mounted on the back side, enabling the panel to stand free by itself. The panel is shown painted in grey and combined with a black glareshield edge. (Note: All panel parts are bare. Gauges and CH Yoke are not included. Finishing & assembly is required.)

The Real Cockpit's TRC472 fully assembled entry level Table Top C172 Flight Simulator. It features the left instrument panel of the Cessna 172 Skyhawk, with all instruments in the exact same position as in the real aircraft. With fully functional knobs and dials that you can adjust exactly as you would in the original aircraft.

These devices are equipped with replicated, realistic instruments showing no difference in size, position and functionality compared to real instruments. Provides a tactile feel just like the real stuff! Simply add a computer equipped with Microsoft's Flight Simulator Software or X-Plane and your done!

ELITE Pilot v8.6 - With a fleet of nine simple to complex airplanes, you can practice procedures and experience all aspects of IFR flight with different instrumentation, avionics and performance levels.

ELITE v8.6 Twins Upgrade.

AP4000 Radio Stack Add-On for Elite and P3D Software

Pro Panel II Flight Console (USB) High quality console by ELITE allows you to perform complete "startup to shutdown" procedures.

These Personal Flight Simultor Kits are great for training and entertainment. Download MIcrosoft Flight Simulator  X: Steam edition directly from the steam website.  Quick and easy to install on existing supported computers.

Build your own using from our Personal Virtual Flight Training Device information page or email for more information on complete turnkey simulators. Examples are shown below:

PS-1: Personal Single-Engine Flight Simulator Kit

PS-2: Personal Twin-Engine Flight Simulator Kit

The CH Yoke can be integrated with Simkits console to create a personal device with with very realistic instruments. Email or call for more information

PS-1 Pro Basic: Single Engine VFR-IFR with REAL Guages
Ready to use ($4995)

Simkits offers over 500 realistic (hardware) aircraft instruments for flight simulation and flight simulator related products to build your own cockpit without requiring programming or electronics knowledge.

Build your own realistic flight simulator cockpit or the aircraft panel you want and connect it to Microsoft Flight Simulator and feel like a real pilot in a real aircraft! You can purchase instruments as a kit, ready built or even a complete turn-key simulator!

Are you ready for the most realistic experience?

From the first look, you know that your Flight Line 530XP stack is different than what you have been used to see. You'll be amazed with the actual rendition of the units within Flight Simulator. And since it's a Microsoft Flight Simulator gauge, you'll be also amazed how easy it is to add the Radio Stack and the GPS to your favorite aircraft, and how perfectly the panel and the avionics match.

The new offering provide an ultra-realistic simulation of the Garmin Ltd. fine avionics and includes all of the following devices in a single comprehensive package:
- Garmin GNS 530 GPS
- Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel
- Garmin GTX 327 Transponder
- Garmin GI 106 VOR (two included)
- EZConfig Tool for retrofitting any panel with a single mouse click
- And much much more.....

The SimFlyer® Garmin® GNS v4 for Microsoft Flight Sim

GNSv4 Features:
- Includes Both 430 and 530 Units
- Includes GMA 340 and GTX 330 units
- Photo-Real 3D Enhanced Bitmaps
- Very Framerate Friendly
- Realistic Looks and Features
- Quick Install and Easy to Understand Documentation
- Features our exclusive FRF© technology making the gauge very framerate friendly.

FSIP (Flight Simulator Instrument Panel for Microsoft Flight Sim)


If you use Microsoft's Flight Simulator for a flight school or just for fun, then this fantastic software will provide you with a PC-Instrument Training Tool. It can be used from the same MSFS PC or a remote PC without MSFS.

Order yours today... Call us now!

Digital Flight Tracker


 Digital Flight Tracker 2.02-D & FT2-D Interface Board 

Digital Flight Tracker and Interface board turns your ATC 810 multi-engine flight training device (FTD) into a true performer. Its proprietary technology taps into the ATC 810's plotter mechanism to produce an incredible training tool.

Flyte Track Charts

This is an exciting development for General Aviation that combines a computer, GPS, and camera data, to de-brief students and create memorable souvenirs for passengers.






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