Established in 2002, Montreal AeroPlus (MAP) has a mission to provide its customers with quality aeronautical training products and services based on computer technologies.

For several years now, the company has been supporting owners of existing Flight Training Devices (FTDs) with the acquisition, maintenance, modification, and development of their units. More recently MAP has become involved with the certification of these devices.

Our current objectives are to supply cost effective FTD's for use in both VFR and IFR pilot training. To this end MAP has already developed the specifications for such devices as well as assembled prototype units with custom flight controls. We are also in the process of developing the visual systems that would be a prerequisite for a VFR FTD.

In special cases, MAP can provide custom design and fabrication of flight simulators as per customer requirements. These can include military trainers based on jet fighters such as the F-18.

MAP is also a qualified dealer for several international companies that supply products and services related to FTD's and pilot training.

Our customers include Flight Training Schools as well as individuals, and virtually anyone wanting the experience of flight without the actual aircraft.

We firmly believe that we can achieve commercial success by delivering reasonably priced products and services that respond to the needs of these customers.

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