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Single-Engine IFR Trainer (Used)

Surplus used PFC Dual Controls, Dual Pedals and Radio Stack
 (Priced at $4,995) - SOLD

Precision Flight Controls (PFC) professional dual yokes shown below in King Air mode with dual turbine controls running X-Plane 9.7 on two networked computers coupled to three screens (pilot, co-pilot and instructor operator station). Dual pedals, Radio Stack and 20 inch Samsung Monitors  (1600x1200 resolution) are included in offer. System is expandable using additional computers and screens. Computers,  keyboard and X-Plane software are not included in sale. 

Key Features

  • Dual yokes including mechanically linked trim.
  • Radio panel includes Nav/Com1 and 2, DME, ADF, auto pilot panel, Transponder panel.
  • Dual linked rudder pedals with brakes.
  • Yokes, instrument panel, radio panel and pedals connect to computer using single RS-232 serial interface.
  • Tested with X-Plane 9 and 10.
  • Certifiable to Transport Canada level II when used with X-Plane commercial license keys and system is included within flight training school curriculum.
  • X-Plane offers many aircraft types and unit includes power quadrants to match single or twin engine aircraft type.

Offered at  $4,995 USD. - SOLD

Please contact our Sales Department for added details.

ATC810 Flight Simulator Parts

We have a selection of functional simulator guages and parts taken from ATC810 multi-engine IFR procedures trainers. Note: Images marked with an "X" are no longer available.

Click on the image below to see a larger image:

RMI $400

AI $500

ALT $400

AMPS $200

ASI $400

Compass $400

EGT $250

Fuel Flow $250

Fuel Qty $250

Fuel Pressure $250

Gyro Pressure $200

Real HSI $900

Manifold Pressure $300

Engine Guage $300

Tachometer $500

Turn Coordinator $300

VOR $350

VSI $350

Fault Panel $200

Pen Plotter $250

Morse Code Unit $500

Audio Panel $400

COM1 Panel $400

NAV1 Panel $300

Nav2 Panel $200

Extender Board $500

Power Supply $75

Back Plane $250

Wiring Diagrams $300

User's Manual $100

Our inventory also includes Radios, COM & ADF boards as well as the back plane, and power supply. We also have extension boards and service manuals which are required for troubleshooting and maintenance.

Prices vary from $75 USD to $1000 USD depending on demand. Please contact us for a quotation.

ATC710 Single-Engine IFR Trainer (SOLD)


This FTD is perfect for practicing single-engine IFR procedures. Its light enough to store and carry. The unit has been completely refurbished and fully functional.

Includes the following:
- Main FTD unit with yoke, throttle quadrant, Nav/Com, gear switch, etc...
- Pen plotter
- Wind Box
- Rudder Pedals
- Operator's handbook
- Service Manual
- Airport database for Montreal, Quebec, Canada
- Approach Plates and VNC (Sectional)

Shipping is available worldwide.

Please contact our Sales Department for added details.

Note: Desk not included.

Are you looking for a pre-owned FTD, Sim or parts?

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