Basic flight training couldn't be easier with the PS1-Pro. This FTD allows the student to practice everything from starting the aircraft to flight procedures to emergency actions.

PS1-Pro NT: Cockpit Basic Flight Trainer with Real Guages!

PS1-Pro: Desktop Basic Flight Trainer with Real Guages!

Students can "Pre-Flight" their training exercises

This is probably the best investment anyone can make. It uses the best flight simulation software to date.... Microsoft's Flight Simulator.

Students have been able to reduce the time required to get their pilot's license by practicing all their exercises in the calm and safe environment of the flight simulator.

Practice exercises like:
- Engine Startup
- Emergency Ground procedure
- Taxiing
- ATC communication at a towered airport
- Cross country flights
- Airport familiarization before actual flight
- much much more...
- includes our carefully designed Training Syllabus.

Also permits GPS training using ACTUAL units such the Garmin 196, 296, 396 as well as others.

- Totally immersing
- Garmin GPS GNS 530/430 training
- Easily maintained
- Easily customized to your aircraft and location

Simply contact us for more information on how to get started.



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