Nav2Go is the best Radio Navigation Trainer available in its category based on price and performance!

Nav2Go allows you to start practicing Radio Navigation instrument procedures immediately. Existing Instrument pilots can stay proficient easily and simply.

Nav2Go will not only help improve your position awareness, it will help you understand and master the following aspects of Radio Navigation:

* Instruments: VOR, HSI, LOC, ADF, RMI, DME
* Intercepts
* Tracking Inbound & Outbound
* Approaches & Missed Approaches (NDB, VOR, LOC)
* Holds
* Wind Effects

Nav2Go has an intuitive user interface (UI) so you don't to waste your time learning new software since most of it is self explanatory. You can drag the airplane over the screen and turn the knobs. You can set the required frequencies, select different types of Instruments with the mouse, replay, save and re-load your work.

No specific hardware is required. Just a personal computer with either Win98, Win2k or Win XP.

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Requires Macromedia Flash

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Upon payment, a serial number will be sent to you.

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