Conversion of ATC-810 to modern digital Flight Simulation Training Unit.

GPS is having a major influence on navigation procedures and requires training tools. GPS can be added to the MAP-810. The first MAP-810 included a Garmin GNS 430 coupled with the autopilot and GPS 296 with terrain warnings.

The MAP810 is designed to include out the window visual channels. The first MAP-810 delivered included a five screen 150 degree horizontal wrap around visual display. The visual display includes the propellers on the Navajo for realistic Engine Out procedure training

This is an incredible IFR/VFR Flight Training Device (FTD) with 5 Visual Channels, and full GPS capabilities.

Typical ATC-810

The following items are reused in MAP-810:
- Base and Enclosure
- Seat
- Yoke and Rudder Pedals
- Electric Trim
- Engine controls
- Engine Instruments
- Instrument Panel Base
- Annunciators
- Instrument panel Switches
- CBs
- Fuel Panel

MAP-810 digital upgrade of ATC-810 with 5 channel Visual and Instructor station.

MAP-810 Navajo Style Cockpit Layout

The MAP-810 is designed as a Single Pilot VFR/ IFR Procedure Trainer that replicates the Piper Navajo cockpit configuration. The Flight simulation model uses X-Plane with a Piper Navajo (PA-31) aircraft model that has been verified to match the Navajo performance charts and tuned based on comments from Navajo line pilots.

The MAP-810 was designed to support the following training:
- IFR Procedures
- Aviation GPS operation skill development
- Navajo Line pilot Evaluations
- Commercial Pilot aptitude in complex single pilot operations
- Navajo Landing Gear Malfunction training

Cockpit showing 5 channel Visual including external Propellers

The MAP-810 cockpit includes the following enhancements to the ATC-810:
- Replica or Real Navajo landing gear handle including back drive.
- Optional Autopilot Panel
- Optional Cowl flap panel with indicators
- Fully functional electric trim
- Optional integrated real GNS 430 with Auto pilot coupling
- Integrated Garmin GPS series Housing and Cable (Houses Customer or MAP supplied GPS 296/396/ 496 devices).
- Rudder Pedal back drive in single engine failures
- Panoramic Visuals including view of propellers
- Comprehensive Instructor Station
- Customizable to required customer features to match training needs.
- Real Aircraft Floor mounted Emergency Gear Pump

Technical Details
- X-Plane Version 9

  • Physics Base model
  • Commercial licenses included when used for commercial training.
- Navajo Aircraft Model
  • Performance tuned to Operating Manual
  • Custom Liveries available
- 6 Computers
- Plug-ins
- Upgraded Electronics Interface
- Upgraded King Style Radios
- Optional Real GNS430 and Holder / Cabling for GPS 296
Note: GNS430 requires additional X-Plane Commercial Licenses

MAP-810 High Quality Navajo Model shown Landing at Vancouver Airport (Chase view)

CAD models of Device enabling customization by MAP

ATC-810 Conversion to MAP-810 Summary
The MAP-810 is a conversion of a customer provided ATC-810 unit. The MAP-810 re-uses the original ATC-810 high quality Navajo style Flight controls, Instrument panel base, enclosure and many other parts including the annunicators, throttle assemblies and fuel control panel. Newly designed and manufactured mechanical and electronics components are added to create the MAP-810. The MAP-810 includes a new instrument panel that can be configured to a customers requirements. The existing ATC-810 Engine Instruments were re-used and coupled to modern interface electronics that interface with X-Plane. X-Plane runs on multiple Computers and is a physics based simulation engine that can accurately replicate the performance of most aircraft. The Visual scene generator provides highly realistic terrain and weather models that enables realistic scan patterns and work load in the training device that assure skills learnt in the trainer are transferred to the aircraft with limited/no negative training.

The MAP-810 has been designed from the beginning to meet the Transport Canada certification requirements for Level II FTDs and also Level A trainings devices. The visual scenes support highly realistic circling approaches to landing in IFR weather conditions as well as realistic weather for straight in approaches in IMC or VMC. The MAP-810 design also includes options for including Navajo Autopilot panel, Cowl Flap panel and landing gear controls to more accurately replicate the typical aircraft configuration in commercial air operations. The first MAP-810 designated the "MAP-810F" was delivered to ERA Airways in Alaska in March of 2010.

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MAP-810 delivered to first customer March 2010

We delivered the first MAP-810 to ERA Airlines in Anchorage Alaska. The device was designed to meet the customer’s specifications and included a real Garmin 430 device to enable training of GPS approaches in the rugged environment of Alaska where the customer’s Navajo fleet is used to deliver cargo and passenger. The MAP-810 flight model was verified against the Navajo flight manual performance charts. Line pilots at Era were used to validate and to provide comments that were used to tune the Piper Navajo performance to more accurately reflect the actual Navajo flight characteristics. These adjustments have been incorporated into our baseline Navajo Model.

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