JS-1 Single-Engine VFR / IFR Trainer

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Own your own IFR/VFR Flight Training Device (FTD) with multiple Visual Channels!

Designed to supplement RPL, PPL, CPL, Night, Instructor, and Recurrent training.

Assist New customers with
“Try before you fly” concept.

The Totally Immersive Flight Simulator that uses simulated instruments and Matrox visual technologies.

- Cessna 152 Characteristics

- Representative Aircraft Cockpit

- “Real-like” replicated instruments (not PC display)

- Dual controls with force centering trim permit Instructor Training

- Representative switches etc.

- Totally immersing

- Certifiable - Single Engine

- Unique visual system enhances realism

- Totally immersing

- Certifiable as a Single and/or a Twin

- Permits VFR and IFR training

- Permits GPS training using ACTUAL units such the Garmin 196, 296 as well as others

- Low cost of operation

- Easily maintained and updated

- Easily customized to your aircraft and location

- External visuals configurable to customer requirements

- INCLUDES A 3-CHANNEL VISUAL SYSTEM which can be upgraded to 5 channels!

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2006 Deluxe Edition


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