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After 3 years of development, a realistic set of flight controls for the simulation market has been accomplished by our team of highly specialized engineers.

It comes as a complete unit without control columns nor yokes, nor trim wheel input. These can be purchased from any supplier which has standard components.

The best part is that it includes an Electric Pitch Control system which uses our proprietary PCU module for precision control and a high level of realism.

In addition, it works with a USB cable and requires absolutely no special drivers since it uses a PC's standard "Joystick" configuration. Fully supported by Windows and Mac OS X.

The cockpit builder will enjoy this engineering marvel since it comes standard with a unique joystick controller with high precision 10 bit (1024 step) analog inputs.

* 8 analog inputs with 10 bit (1024 steps) resolution each
* 32 buttons
* 8-way ‘point-of-view’ hat switch

The unit is also 100% compatible with Simkits / The Real Cockpit (TRC-472). It's truly a "Plug and Play" solution. It replaces the TRC flight controls. You can even add more cockpit controls and switches without interfering with the TRC software drivers.

Shown above is the fully integrated system with trim control wheel installed in the centre column. This is truly as real as can be!

This product is currently available and is quickly becoming a hot item, so get it now!

Future enhancements will include panels with switches and buttons for a variety of aircraft. Custom panels can be supplied at the request of the customer.

Please contact us for purchase details.

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